Welcome to Water Meadows Fishery

Four mature lakes set upon 20 Acre Premium Fishing Lakes fully stocked with prime specimens.
The large lake contains 29 fishing platforms

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Bream is a deep-bodied fish with a high back and flattened sides. Typically it is dark brown or greyish on the back with younger fish being much more silvery. Small bream are often called skimmers


Rudd are coppery golden in colour with bright blood red fins and an upturned mouth for surface feeding.


Chub are a shoaling fish, dusky silver in colour often with a brown to bronze sheen. They are quite distinctive with a blunt snout, rounded body and very large mouth.


Carp are easily recognised by their dark brown to bronze colouration. They have a large rounded body and large powerful fins. Decades of selective breeding has resulted in three common strains. Common carp are fully scaled, mirror carp are partially scaled and leather carp have virtually no scales at all.


Tench are easily recognised by their olive green colouration and small red eyes. They have a stout body and rounded powerful fins. They can on rare occasions be of golden colouration.


Roach is a shoaling fish, silver in colour with grey-brown to orange fins. Roach can often be confused with rudd. To check, you can count the lateral line scales (rudd have 40-55), look at the shape of the mouth (rudd have an upturned mouth as they primarily feed at the surface) and make sure the front of the dorsal fin is in line with the pelvic fins (In rudd the dorsal fin is well to the rear of the pelvic fins).


Perch have a greeny-brown back with a series of dark vertical bars across the upper sides and bright orange or red pelvic and anal fins. They have a very spikey dorsal fin and pointed gill covers and care should be taken when handling them.


A glance at this gallery will show you the type of fish, both big and small, that can be caught at our Lakes.
From Junior or starter levels right up to Competition standard all come here to refine their techniques
But the key part of this sport is to enjoy yourself, whether an avid fisher or a newcomer.

General Rules

  • Only 2 Rods per person
  • No fish over 2lb to be retained in keep nets whilst pleasure fishing
  • No barbed hooks and only manufactured barbless hooks permitted. maximum hook size is 8


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